The Largest Rice Importer of Qatar

We started in early 1970s as a rice whole sale dealer in Qatar in the name of Abdulla Ali & Sons which has become now as one of the largest rice importer of the country. We are a mission-driven company that aims to set the standards of excellence for food retailers.

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Predominant Building Material Supplier

Our building material trading division is one of the main official vendor of leading construction companies of the country both government and private. Bradma Qatar building materials is the synonym of the field in this market.

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Leading Automobile Spare Parts Dealer

Central Auto Parts is the leading automotive product distributer with an automobile garage service support. We are specialized in heavy vehicle spare parts division of the leading brands like Benz, MAN and Nissan.

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HR Department

Employment law is a complex topic. Handled incorrectly it can result in legal battles that have the potential to financially cripple the company, while running its good reputation. Handledwell, it can attract the very best talent and motivate staff to work their hardest for the business. The HR department in Bradma is playing a critical role to maximize the work out of our employees.

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